Reason (Rev. 1) Perfume Oil


A reformulation and a good one, too! Five vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all. Whereas chocolate lovers have the luxury of their favorite treat available to them in a bar,  vanilla-ites have to go through lots of exercises to enjoy their obsession. Reason will make you feel totally catered to, with vanilla on top of vanilla with a very gooey and butter laden liquid toffee encapsulation. Unbelievable. This is really strong, really concentrated vanilla in so many of it's incarnations that you might very well o.d. on it. Be advised, there really isn't anything remotely reasonable about Reason but it is insanely good.

The image is a detail of Durer's woodcut "Philosophia" which depicts Lady Philosophy .

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2 reviews for Reason (Rev. 1) Perfume Oil

  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: Ah, the main… reason… for making my first Possets order. Toffee and caramel are some of my favorite kinds of candy, and I love the smell of both. I’ve been on the hunt for a good toffee/caramel scent for a long while.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Uh, candy store in England.

    In bottle: I get that weird fruity note from The Girls Love Vanilla initially, and then the same toffee note from BPAL’s Drink Me (which I love). I don’t know that this is necessarily my dream toffee/caramel scent, but it’s really nice.

    DH’s thoughts: A muffin. Is there pie in this? I sooo think with my stomach. ARE YOU WRITING THAT DOWN?! I feel like it’s some kind of musk in there, one of those colored musks. No? For fuck’s sakes.

    On skin: Okay, so something definitely changes once it hits my skin. The weird fruity note is completely gone, and I can actually smell the toffee and butter/cream notes. There’s a very, very slight tinge of coconut in there. It’s tasty but not quite as robust as I was hoping for. It’s pretty light.

    Verdict: 3.75 candy stores out of 5. I think this one needs to age for a bit before I form a definitive opinion on it. It’s too light at this stage to really know. I do really like the toffee and cream when I can smell them though.

    Edit: I think I was a bit hasty when skin testing this, because the coconut tinge isn’t there anymore, and it is pretty robust. It smells like creamy molten caramel and is almost boozy. I’m gonna bump this up to a 4 out of 5.

  2. Vee Gee (verified owner)

    Top of the line scent. Wear time a few hours.

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