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Azaleas and Rhododendrons in “Rebecca”

I’m a sucker for books set on fancy coastal estates in England, with characters who sit around thinking and worrying, who take tea at a regular time each day. I just finished rereading on such novel, “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. I hadn’t read it since college, so...

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Possets’ Solid Perfume

Perfume is any mixture of oils and aromatic compounds that give a special, pleasant scent to the wearer. This concoction can be delivered in many ways, be it a diffusing spray or a stick of rich incense. At Possets, we have always bottled our perfumes in liquid form,...

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The Osmothèque: The Biggest Collection of Scents Old and New

“Do you ever wish you could take a scent and bottle it up so you could remember it always?” asked the romantic while she sat on the edge of the spring grass and dipped her toes into the soft water. Perfumers are responsible for bottling scents, of course, and some of...

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How to Make Your Scent Last Longer

It’s always disappointing when your favorite scent seems to evaporate from your skin before you can even arrive at your destination. While staying power sometimes depends on the perfume itself, you might be able to increase longevity by learning a little more about...

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French Fashion, Dangerous Scents, and Female Perfumers

Taurus season is here, and so is the birthday of Robert Piguet. The Swiss-born fashion designer had a handsome look about him, a charming smile with perfect white teeth, dark eyes, and a nose full of character. He looks like the romantic interest in an Ernest...

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Bon Anniversaire, Jean-Claude Ellena

One famous nose celebrates his birthday on April 7. Jean-Claude Ellena, who fantasizes about capturing the smell of the wind, was practically born a perfumer. His father was a perfumer, and as a child he would spend time picking jasmine with his grandmother to sell to...

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Vanilla: Not So Vanilla

When I think of vanilla, I can’t help but picture three subjects: 1) A big tube of lotion from a certain big box store that specializes in body care products. 2) A generic candle called “Vanilla Sugar” but with an ambiguous scent more like store-bought icing that...

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Back to the Roots, Part 1 Galangal Root

This year Possets will be releasing fragrance blends which feature the ingredient(s) highlighted in blogposts like this one on galangal. Those blends can be found here. Back to the Roots Pt. 1: Galangal Awhile ago I wrote a about an essential oil that comes from an...

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A Smokey New Year

A new year calls to mind new goals, new traditions, fresh starts. Maybe you’ve given your 2019 resolutions a new-age twist and have made it your goal to clean out bad energies, to meditate more, or to set intentions. Or maybe you just want you home to smell better....

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The Ghosts In You

This time of year you might be out performing seasonal Ouija rituals or carving pumpkins or putting together a clever costume. Whatever you’re doing… beware… you’re being followed by ghosts everywhere you go. They are within you. They are a part of you. They are—right...

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