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Possets is committed to the exploration of Perfume as Art. Throughout our history Art has played a vital role in creative inspiration and will continue to do so. We believe that creativity is inextricably linked to playful, purposeful exploration of beauty and joy. We invite you to be a part of that joy!

Possets makes two kinds of exceptionally original perfumes: Classic Possets and 100% Natural Possets. All Possets are oil based fragrances. Possets perfume oils are made from time honored man made and natural components sourced from every corner of the earth. Our 100% Naturals are entirely made of pure and natural ingredients without so much as one drop of man made components in them. All of our fragrances are Vegan. No animal products are used.

All the Possets are hand blended from scratch by Jennie and Tom, the owners of Possets Perfumes.

The Array Of Bottle SizesWe sell Possets in a range of sizes, from the sample size (about 1 ml) up to 30 ml.

We produce a product which is absolutely first class and yet is affordable to the average perfume lover. We want you to be able to enjoy an entire fragrance wardrobe without selling the shirt off of your back.

All of the Permanent Collection of Possets (Classic and Natural) are available in sample sizes. Alas, we cannot make sample sizes of the Seasonal Possets, but there are decant circles which will decant those for you, or sometimes you can buy them outright, just ask on the forum.

All six.All orders $75 and over are shipped for free to anywhere. We ship all of our products through the United States Postal Service. That means that overseas parcels will go for free to anywhere on the planet, as well as domestic shipments. All free parcels will be sent First Class either Domestic (for the U.S.) or International First Class (for everyone outside of the U.S.).

We hope you try Possets.

Jennie and Tom from Possets

Possets’ Position on Phthalates

Possets ® Perfumes is committed to keeping our perfumes free of known harmful ingredients such as toxic phthalates. We believe that perfume is meant to be pleasure, not poison.

Anything else you want to know?

E-mail us at info@possets.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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