Eve Perfume Oil



Possets is presenting a slight departure in this perfume. Eve is a heavy oriental, resplendent with musks, earthy sweetness, lingering and sexy as only that first lady could have been. This is a complex blend, profound even, but still there is a sparkle to it which marks it as a Posset. The test panel really really loved it, before they even put it on, so you know it might just had captured something of the allure of the original Eve! Resinous.

In case this is not ringing a bell, The National Geographic Society presented a movie called "The Journey of Man" where Dr. Spencer Wells traced the movement of humans across the face of the earth and was able to track where they had been and where many branches of the group departed from one another. He showed that everyone's DNA has traces of one mother, and so we can trace ourselves (no matter who we are) to 'mitochondrial Eve', and this perfume is a tribute to her.


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