High Tea Perfume Oil


A very true to tea blend it has the wonderful characteristic of being warming in the winter and cooling in the summer. Infused with lemon, sugar, milk, and that indescribable scent of the best starched linens, High Tea is your antidote to vulgarity. Always right for the moment and universally admired. This is tea at its most Possety. Characteristics: unisex. refreshing, tea, sweet, cooling, summer scent, warming winter scent, foody, gourmand,.

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2 reviews for High Tea Perfume Oil

  1. C.

    (I have no idea what happened to the preliminary notes for this one, so ignore that)

    In bottle: So funnily enough, I ordered a full size of this during the 2-22-22 sale because I figured I’d like it, but a free sample of it showed up in my first Possets parcel, which arrived shortly after, so I got to try it a bit sooner. This review is from when I tried the sample. It reminds me a lot of Alkemia’s Madam Pearl in the vial, which is one of my favorite refined/elegant tea scents. The lemon smells more like bergamot to me here, and it’s a pretty light and refreshing scent overall. As so many reviewers before me have said, the tea note is more on the iced side rather than a hot cup of tea. It smells like sitting outside on a patio in a garden during late spring/early summer, sipping iced Earl Grey from a tall, ornate vintage glass (like these) with a thin slice of lemon floating on top. I can see the sunlight reflecting in the divots in the glasses in my mind’s eye. I did not expect this one to conjure such vivid mental imagery.

    DH’s thoughts: Black musk, talcum powder, and a leather coat. (??)

    On skin: On skin, the tea note comes out a bit more after the lemon has calmed down, but it’s still very much an iced tea scent. It could just be that it’s too fresh out of the mail, but this wears extremely close to the skin and is hard to smell sometimes aside from the citrus. I don’t get the starched linens at all, which I’m not complaining about. No powder or laundry here. Just resplendent iced tea. 🧡

    DH’s thoughts: Like pink lemonade and tea. It smells like iced tea, but not like, a normal iced tea. Like a specialty iced tea. A pink iced tea. It makes me thirsty; it makes me want to drink you. Lemme smell your iced tea wrist. ARE YOU ACTUALLY WRIT- God damnit..

    Verdict: 4.75 elegant iced teas out of 5. I wish this lasted longer on the skin, but that’s my only qualm with it. It’ll be a lovely late spring/summer scent.

  2. Krys

    I love this scent. To me, smells just like regular tea with lemon and cream. Some people say iced tea. Either way, damn. Just wish it stayed on longer. I’m full sizing it, blew through the sample in a week it was so good. Carried around in my pocket too.

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