Vernal Sun Perfume Oil


So happy to see the old boy back. Lemon and lightest vanilla like the rays of the welcome spring sunshine. A tiny amount of white musk to make it last for a while, a very very light whiff of the fruits to come in the summer, just to give it a solar tang. A pinch of borage, and drop of carrot but mostly blessed lemon and smooth sweetness.


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  1. Melissa

    Right away I could smell the lemon and the white musk. The “lightest vanilla” note reads more as sugar on my skin. There’s this wonderful fruit note in the background that keeps the lemon from going to furniture polish. It reminds me of a fruit punch or Capri Sun smell from my childhood. I have no earthly idea what borage smells like and I cannot detect any carrot. I think the description is spot on about “lemon and smooth sweetness”. This stays close to the skin on me and I think of this as a lighter scent for the warmer weather. This lasted about 5 hours on me and fades considerably throughout the wear time. Keep in mind my skin eats up scents so it all depends on chemistry.

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