Venus Black Perfume Oil


A grand and very very sensual scent. Black in the most sophisticated way. Considered one of the colors, its working name was Mars' Black but it is so wonderfully feminine that there is no way that it could be named after the god of war, it should be named after the goddess of love. The Blackest musk flirts with a float of black pepper, a shot of dark sweet pear, and the smallest amount of sage and non-stinky narcissus for tingle. One not to be missed. Dry, musky, spicy.

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  1. Eleanor from Reddit

    I was worried that the pear would turn this into middle school body wash, but it works sooo well here! This scent was made for a Hot Girl. It smells expensive without being perfumey. The black pepper is strong and spicy, the pear makes it fresh and clean, the sage gives it an herbal kick, and the narcissus adds a little mystery. It’s equal parts cute and dangerous. Definitely going to FS.

    Occasion: plotting to take over the world.

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