• "I love wearing Possets fragrances because each one is unique, romantic yet sophisticated, and of the highest quality. They feel luxurious yet are reasonably priced. They also tell stories in a way none of my other fragrances do, instantly transporting me to a specific time and place. I love to browse the website and read the fragrance descriptions. (And I've learned some fun history trivia, too!)."

    Lindsey Y.

  • "Water Witch - the best jasmine perfume I have ever smelled. I love the idea of jasmine, but most oils and perfumes go either indolic or cloying on my skin. In this blend, somehow all the other notes seem to help the jasmine retain all its beautiful qualities and remove or hide the less desirable ones. It is strong but not overpowering. It is also extremely long-lasting: I could still smell it on myself the morning after wearing it to bed. A 10 out of 10; a must-have for my perfume wardrobe! Highly recommend.


  • "I got a free sample of this with my last Possets purchase. I was testing it out today because I was contemplating a fb.

    This scent comes over more mainstream than niche. The opening is reminiscent of the lemonade/lavender vibe of Guerlain Habit Rouge and to a lesser extent Jicky. The midsection is magnificent lemony lotion. If I could find a bottle of lotion that smells like this, I'd be on it in two seconds. The real glory of this is in the dry down. Warm, salty, human. The oakmoss and ambergris in this are truly amazing.

    This is a beautifully made perfume with exceptional longevity. I would STRONGLY recommend this to people who are looking for a classy scent that performs well on a hot day.


  • Love love love this indie perfume company. The only perfume I wear!! I'm a repeat customer and will ALWAYS be!

  • I love Possets! The best, most personal and caring customer service, bar none, and the best range of beautiful, creative, one-of-a-kind fragrances.

  • Yummy, unusual and fun!! So many wonderful fragrances to choose from. Excellent customer service as well - love the samples that are always included. Plus the website and fragrance descriptions are a trip! Highly, highly recommend!

  • Perfume as an art form. Beautiful & Exquisite. Not your mainstream fragrances by any means. Unique and Deep. Extremely pleasurable to smell! I love my perfumes from Possets.

  • Amazing, amazing perfumes. You can smell every note, and these delicious perfumes are filled to the brim with oil! Always shipped fast and always with samples!

  • "These fragrances are amazing and beautiful and sensual. I'd been looking at the site for months before I placed my order, making a list of what I wanted to sample (and it's a long list). I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the scent profiles and, as someone with a degree in the History of Art and Architecture, I love all the artwork accompanying the fragrance profiles.

    Your recommendation of "Midnight Mass" was spot on. That scent evoked so many positive, happy memories of my childhood church (specifically, Christmas time). It kinda made me tear up for a second because my childhood church is no longer in existence and I'd just found that out not too long before I received the fragrance. But I still smiled! And I'll definitely order it in a full size in the future. In a wonderful "contradiction", Besarabian Whorehouse is my favorite of the fragrances so far. 😛

    ...The passion and dedication you have for your art is undeniably present in every bit of your product, from the site to the fragrances themselves.

    Oh, you're going to be getting so many orders from me!"

  • "For some reason I thought that I wouldn't like it (Summer (Mucha)). Which was odd, as I really like carnation perfumes, and I really like ginger.
    And as it turns out this is gorgeous. Rich, spicy and complex, but without it being to heavy or overbearing. It somehow keeps a lightness, and a freshness to it, that you don't always find in carnation perfumes.
    I will enjoy this quite a bit!"

  • "This summer I decided to buy some decants... I know Possets is well known for vanilla/foody scents, so I was very skeptical... I'm more of a green/aquatic/air scents kind of person.

    After receiving my decants, I was completely blown away. I was still still skeptical, because it was too good to be true. The scents were just soooooooo good, very evocative and unique. The quality was mind blowing.

    I have placed a couple of small orders since then, most of them consisting of vanilla scents. I'm honestly not a fan of vanilla, but Possets vanillas are definitely the best I've tried.
    ...I just wanted to say that I wish Possets green and aquatic scents were more well known!

    My favourite from the spring collection is Miss Chudleigh. It smells so amazing...

    Thank you SO much for sharing your creativity with the rest of the world. Your perfume makes me so happy."

  • I feel so sexy! The quality is beyond my expectations; thank you for all you do!

  • "This gem of a fragrance starts out sweetened by a complex vanilla then dries down to a sexy, comforting vetiver. It has very good sillage and staying power. It's one I hope to keep around for a long time. And... I mean... a unicorn!

    Thanks, Fabienne, for your magic touch with special ingredients."

  • This [Ouija] is a gorgeous, beautiful fragrance. This was a surprise for me when I first tried it when it came out at Halloween 2015. I got a decant as it sounded interesting but I did not realize how much I would love it. I actually find it quite delicious in a non-foody way. It has the two vanillas in it, and some rose, but the rose to me does not predominate, and smells almost more like a sweet violet and rose mixture--and then the woods in it are glorious and really exceptional. The cedar and rosewood blend together perfectly and really carry the fragrance without dominating it.The three main notes in it-- The vanillas, the woods and the rose weave together seamlessly with the beautiful chiffon musk holding it all together. Ouija lasts for many hours on me, which was another plus for me. I will be getting a full bottle of Ouija for sure!

  • Probably my favorite seasonal scent from Posset's Halloween 2015! Smokey and a little sweet, reminds my of being in the country and smelling a distant bonfire on an autumn evening. It's amazing and makes me very nostalgic.

  • (About Min-Min)This is my sleeper hit from the weenies. When it first arrived shortly after the collection went live, the leather was too harsh in the bottle and I was afraid even to try it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I got a strong, fruity rose warring with the leather in the bottle...again afraid to put it on. Then I started seeing the positive reviews above and decided to check in again. Still rose and leather in the bottle, but the sandalwood had begun to move forward and I could smell a ghost of what it would be on my skin. So I slapped some on. And wow....WOW. This fragrance is beautiful and will be getting one of my permanent votes. Wet on the skin there is a lot of fruity rose and leather...but it quickly settles into the fuzzy, warm, almost creamy sandalwood and leather that is amazing. The rose is still there....but no longer separate. It lifts the mix and makes it decidedly feminine. I can't pick out the patchouli, it is well blended in the midst of the sandal woods and leather. This has become my favorite from the collection. It is going to be difficult deciding what two others to vote for, but this fragrance has an assured spot.

  • ... I feel that your perfumes have really reached a higher level of complexity, longevity, and depth in the past year or two and Possets is getting a great reputation because of it. Congratulations - keep 'em coming!

  • The Halloween Posset I chose is The Scent of Night. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Thank you!

  • Oh man this is gorgeous. In the bottle it is a watery fresh green scent, like a waterfall grotto in the middle of a bamboo forest. Just sniffing this is taking me back to something I can't quite place...it is familiar yet so far in my past...I'm not sure what the silk accord is, I think it is just adding to the fluid quality of this scent. As it dries, the teensiest bit of sandalwood emerges on top of the finish of Japanese incense. Fabienne nailed the incense note, it truly does smell like the Japanese incense that I know and burn constantly. It leaves a slightly smoky scent that lingers on the skin in an exotic and intriguing way, and I wish so hard that this had become a permanent, because I think it is such a beautiful scent. I can't wait for the next retour, because this is on the big bottle list. Until then, I will cherish it, and use it for special occasions.

  • One (of the many) things I love about Possets is that I can wait for reviews and not worry about a scent running out.

  • Zombie (marshmallow & oud) sounds like my holy grail too!

  • "this is glorious. divine. SO GOOD.
    a little bit herbal (lav), a little bit juicy (berg), a touch spicy and entirely swoonworthy.
    maybe leans more unisex/masculine. it's not at all girly. if this represents fougere, it's given me a big ""a-ha"" of what a fougere is (esp in teaching my nose fougere vs chypre).

    cologney, a little powdery, velvety, soft but strong in texture. low to medium throw. I'm going to wear the heck out of it. fabienne nailed it when she called this one a classic"

  • One of the best carnation perfume I've ever smelled (and Fabienne makes wonderful carnation perfumes).

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