Midnight Mass at Old St Marys Perfume Oil


The oldest church in Cincinnati is Old St. Mary's (cir. 1841). Ornate, trimmed in every style you can think of, cold in the winter and filled with those who treasure the tradition of this wonderful ritual. A resinous incense blend, redolent with polished wood of the pews, the beeswax candles, and offertory fruits. Unisex and perfect for cold weather. Dry, resinous, and grown up.

This ages exquisitly! Midnight Mass at Old St. Mary's just gets better and better, mellower, more beautifully resinous. You would be well advised to buy two bottles if you like this one, lay one down and don't dig it out for at least two years. Unbelievable.


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2 reviews for Midnight Mass at Old St Marys Perfume Oil

  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: I have a soft spot for churchy incense blends despite not ever being a church-goer (minus like, one summer at bible school that my neighbor dragged me to when I was a kid), and I’d wager this is going to be similar to a lot of church-inspired scents I’ve tried before. However, there are never too many!

    DH’s preliminary notes: Someone doing cabinetry beside a bee’s nest (followed by both of us cry-laughing).

    In bottle: The incense is the first detectable note, followed by some nondescript fruits or wine and a bit of dusty wood. The beeswax is waaay in the background, but I like it thus far. Something about it smells old world-y, and it’s indeed very churchy. Like a very old wooden pseudo-cathedral with artful religious depictions on its stained glass windows, lit solely by candlelight which catches on various brass fittings inside the church.

    DH’s thoughts: There’s something almost minty in there. Maybe mint and leather?

    On skin: This smells virtually identical on skin as it does in the bottle, but the resins are very slightly amped and go a bit spicy.

    Verdict: 4 slightly dilapidated churches out of 5. Was hoping for a bit more beeswax, but this is still very nice and will get much use.

  2. Wendy

    A complex peace. Deep polished woods, a soft amber glow, gentle curls of smoke. The fruity touch is rather excessively sour on me, however. Just my luck. The smooth resinous sweetness gives way to a comforting dry dust, but the soured plum persists for several hours. Eventually dries down to just the polished wood – vast, empty, with a handful of dust scattered in the air.

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