Mrs. Rabbit’s Carrot Cake Perfume Oil


No wonder Mrs. Rabbit has all those children, with cake this delicious she has managed to make love slaves of every male bunny in the bunnyhood. The most moist and vanilla drenched melting cake shot through with sugar encrusted rum kissed currents and golden raisins (which crunch in your mouth) and crowned with the richest butter filled sour cream and ricotta frosting and trimmed with tiny spun sugar carrots, and grass. This stuff is just ineffable. Try it yourself. Ahhhhh.

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2 reviews for Mrs. Rabbit’s Carrot Cake Perfume Oil

  1. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    This is pretty straightforward! You get the carrot cake, you get the rum, and you definitely get the cream cheese. In fact, I would say this is more like I got a side of carrot cake with my cream cheese frosting than the other way around. The rest of the notes aren’t evident to me. Spiced, sweet, heavy.

    Expected impression: YES!!! ★★★★★

    Actual: Ooo! ★★★★ Perfectly fine gourmand, ended up giving it to a friend that loves rabbits.

  2. Vee Gee

    A delicious and perfect scent. Very sweet. Wear time was a couple of hours. A few drops will do.

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