Gingerbread Whorehouse Perfume Oil


Delighting adults since 2007 in the best and most childish way. Very foody, very sweet, very sexy. This is European Gingerbread given an American Cajun jolt with the spices: ginger, black pepper (!), clove, cinnamon, coriander, and a kiss of pink pepper. It's sweet but not cloying, cake-like but not too soft. It has a bite (but you would expect no less). This one was perfect right from the start and has remained so during the history of Possets. Sweet, foody, gourmand, spicy.


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3 reviews for Gingerbread Whorehouse Perfume Oil

  1. mary tuck (verified owner)

    This one is really a lot of fun to wear in fall, winter, and during the holidays. Truly a delicious, long-lasting, warm and pretty gingerbread scent.

  2. gmcallis

    received a sample of this and it’s so delicious and balanced! perfect winter scent

  3. C.

    Preliminary notes: The name alone is hilarious, and I delighted in telling DH what it was called. I love spice notes, so this sounds fab. I’m hoping the clove in particular is relatively strong.

    In bottle: This smells very similar to Jailhouse (they very obviously have the same gingerbread base), but it’s much spicier and has bite to it. I can’t make out any of the spices specifically in the bottle, but it’s strong and a bit dark.

    On skin: This reminds me of a mainstream perfume I used to have from L’Artisan Parfumeur called Tea for Two, oddly enough. They only really share the spice and gingerbread notes, so I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it is! Tea for Two has a tobacco note that leans a bit ashtray-esque, and obviously, Gingerbread Whorehouse doesn’t have tobacco in it, so it’s a bit smoother and easier to wear. It has a sweet, creamy, frosting-like quality to it as well and is just really sexy. I love this.

    Verdict: 5 festive cookie bordellos out of 5.

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