Adamus Perfume Oil


This stuff will indeed make you a seductive magnet. Sweet and amazingly sexy, it insinuates itself into her mind and lets you be the not-so-obscure object of her desire. Dry and sweet new mown hay (irresistible), is combined with tobacco flower (very attractive but non cloying), and our own concoction of sweet green moss and you can't miss. Buy it for him or wear it yourself.

Type: masculine, woody, ferny


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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: This was a gift for DH that he chose for himself (kind of). He initially chose it for me, but it sounded like it would lean too masculine, so I decided to pick up a bottle for him instead. He likes more natural scents and is also a tobacco lover, so this sounds right up his alley.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Just sounds like a tobacco plantation.

    In bottle: Like JFK and Jackie, this also reminds me a bit of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Tea for Two a bit, but less astringent and ashtray-like and grassier. It’s very fresh and a bit peppery.

    DH’s thoughts: I can smell the grass. It actually smells like a freshly-cut lawn but with something else added to it, which is obviously the smoke you’re having after you’ve cut the lawn.

    On skin: More or less the same as in the bottle. DH’s skin amps the pepperiness a bit.

    DH’s thoughts: I like it. Spice me up! (He later said that he really likes this and wore it the day after we did the initial review, so it’s a hit for both of us!)

    Verdict: 5 sexy lawn mowings out of 5. I adore this, DH adores this, and I adore it on him.

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