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Wicked, sinful, hedonistic, and irresistible. You may not have the heart to play the femme fatale, but you can at least smell the part. It's musky, creamy, enticing, perfumy, slightly foody, but very skin-like. Its notes? Skin musk, wax, cream, lemon zest, champagne, and a kiss of bitter vanilla. Intrigued yet? It has a profound effect on men, they have no idea of what is bothering them's you. It has a profound effect on the wearer as well. Madame X will inspire you to change your hairstyle, buy a gorgeous black strapless long dress, and many other daring changes, too. Don't miss out on Madame X. The more you wear this one, the more you will love her.  A constant favorite among the Possetiers. Characteristics: musky, creamy, feminine, foody, gourmand.

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4 reviews for Madame X Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    Musky, creamy, waxy and slightly vanillic. This is a work appropriate scent that stays close to the skin. It’s light and not offensive in any way. This lasted about 4 hours on me before disappearing. It’s good but, I prefer my scents to be stronger. I think this would be a good starter scent of Possets for people to try out.

  2. Eleanor from Reddit

    This is everything I wanted out of Alkemia’s Luminae, which was too buttery on me and smelled like popcorn jellybeans. The lemon is strong, but it’s rounded out by the wax & cream to keep it from going into cleaning product territory. It’s a very warm, bright, and happy scent. Sweet and dessert-like without being cakey.

    Occasion: champagne and lemon pie on a sunlit outdoor terrace.

  3. C.

    Preliminary notes: Madame X has pretty mixed reviews across the net, ranging from shower-fresh and soapy to seductive and elegant, but it also seems to be a Possets classic. I have a history of not liking champagne notes and tend to avoid citrus notes other than bergamot (though if the lemon in this is anything like the lemon in High Tea, it’ll be fine), and I also tend to prefer heavier scents to subtle skin scents, so I could be shooting myself in the foot here. I have a feeling, just going off of the notes, that DH isn’t going to like this one very much and that it’ll need some aging before I’m super into it as well.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Toasting to a full-body wax.

    In bottle: Very subtle fruitiness with a background of creamy vanilla. A little bit soapy. I can tell just from the bottle that this is, indeed, going to be a skin scent. It’s pretty faint.

    DH’s thoughts: There’s a musk in there, isn’t there? White musk? Skin musk.. I just don’t really recognize what the other things are in there. I like it, but what is this?

    On skin: Largely the same. It kind of billows out like a cloud upon initial skin application and then recedes back in on itself. The wax (which is like a true candlewax here as opposed to beeswax) and cream are the strongest notes for me, followed closely by the lemon (which is very mild and not at all astringent or biting). It reminds me of something but I can’t pin exactly what it is. It’s a nice, creamy, slightly citric skin scent, and the more it wears, the cozier it gets. I do have a small part of my collection dedicated to more “work/meeting safe” scents (i.e. nothing that’s super strong or overly offensive), and I think this fits in there quite nicely.

    DH’s thoughts: Huh.. yeah, that is potent. There sure are a lot of lighter things in there. Skin musk..

    Verdict: 5 fancy candlelit baths out of 5. I was initially going to dock a partial point for the soapiness, but I cannot stop smelling myself. The soapy phase doesn’t last long anyway, so it’s not worth docking a point over. My preliminary thoughts about not being into this one until it’s aged were definitely not accurate. Overall, I like this a lot. It’s dreamy and soft, and it would probably make a great bedtime scent for some people.

  4. Lauren (verified owner)

    This is a fan favorite for a reason! And the notes are very straight forward – skin musk, vanilla, champagne, wax. You get them all. This is a sister of ‘The Moon’ and ‘Beatrice’ – if you like those you’ll like this – but this is a little fancier smelling, with a hint of citrus (not like, citrus fruit really, just like a nice yellow note from the champagne to cut through the creaminess). Such a love for me. If you like beeswax scents or candle-wax scents, you’d like it. But this is elevated.

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