Passion Perfume Oil


A supersaturated chocolate solution with a smooth chocolate interior and a chocolate shell covered in chocolate sauce and floating in a puddle of chocolate. All manner of chocolate in one place, and that place is heaven. Mmmmm. There is a store in Paris on the Champs Elysees called Maison de Chocolate. This is how it smells when you enter. The most expensive and richest delectable chocolates are made there. So wonderful that it would be impossible to eat even one quickly, even if you were hungry. They are far too good to be wolfed down but must be savored so slowly in delightful torture with the rush of melting and the ecstasy of satisfaction. Here it is in perfume form. Let's hope you can wear it without sustaining multiple bites from your friends.

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3 reviews for Passion Perfume Oil

  1. Rose Fenn

    This literally smells like milk chocolate? How!? It smells like you took an entire bag of the red Lindt truffles, melted them down in a bain marie, held the bowl half an inch from your nose, and huffed it. I get the buttery, oily, rich milkfat and then wonderful true cocoa that makes this scent impossible to mistake for a vanilla or custard or other basic gourmand. It’s straightforward yet atmospheric, so I can totally see how this could be the scent of a chocolatier. Also, longevity is amazing, and it doesn’t morph into something unexpected. Just sweet milky chocolate skin, for hours and hours. Amazing. As someone who’s always been a chocolate scent skeptic (they always smell like liqueur or Swiss Miss to me, and that’s if it’s a decent chocolate scent, which most to me are not), I am blown away by this. It’s really special.

  2. mercedes9507 (verified owner)

    Omg! Just got this today in the mail and wow! Such an amazing milk chocolate scent! I’ve been searching for the perfect chocolate smell and this definitely gonna be in my rotation! Please keep this scent. I also appreciate that it’s straight chocolate with no obvious fruit undertones, and it’s not overly tootsie roll. Can wait to let it settle to me let the scent macerate!! 🫶🏾

  3. Krysti Strickley

    This smell is exactly like a warm tootsie roll. Or as others may say, a milky chocolate. You wanna smell like chocolate? Wear this.

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