Chocolate Incense Perfume Oil



No Valentine's Day would be complete without a foolish amount of chocolate! But this is the kind you can wear, a drug for your nose and an indulgence for your psyche. Sandalwood, amber, frankincense bring out the smokey tease in chocolate which you probably had no idea was there. Downright narcotic, it's so sensuous.

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  1. Linnea M.

    Definitely a perfect replica of the Baking Brownies incense packs I used to get at headshops. This cocoa is rich and delicious, a little fuzzy, and even a little sour from the smoked wood of the incense stick. I only have a sample, so I will have to spend many days with it, but so far the longevity seems pretty top quality! I don’t know if this will be a full bottle buy, simply because I’m not sure I wan’t to wear the slight sour quality of a fuzzy incense stick, but I have yet to make that decision…because this is pretty amazing!

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