Bar Sinister Perfume Oil Rev. 1


Green Bourbon vanilla extract, sweetbriar, a powerful green musk, a very highly refined leather, a background of labdanum, and a high and intoxicating silk accord. If you were born to the gentry, you might have a stripe running from right to left on which you would have some heraldic figure. That is if you were legitimate. if you were the love child of a powerful man, you might have a coat of arms with the bar running from left to right and the same figures on it to show who your father was and why you were powerful. This wasn't always granted, but often enough to have the bar sinister be a feature in heraldry. All of the elements of illicit love are at play here. Sultry sultry sultry.

Type: Resinous, incense, musky, sexy


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1 review for Bar Sinister Perfume Oil Rev. 1

  1. Melissa

    Five stars because I love the smell of this in a diffuser or on my clothes. Unfortunately on my skin the sweetbriar completely takes over. Stupid skin chemistry!

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