Silver Carnations Perfume Oil (Rev. 1)


Long lasting and just beautiful from the start, Silver Carnations stays true from the first moment until the last. The "silver" part that you love combined with the spice and flower carnation that you will love. A winner. *Oil is bottled in cobalt blue glass bottles, not the silver bottle pictured.

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3 reviews for Silver Carnations Perfume Oil (Rev. 1)

  1. Melissa

    On my skin this is a 50/50 mix of the famous Possets silver base and a true to life carnation scent. Simple yet complex. It really showcases the beauty of the spice and the green of the carnation flower. Sadly my skin seems to eat up the silver base. My only gripe is I wish this lasted longer on me. I get 4 hours of wear maximum. It’s so good that I’m okay with reapplying throughout the day.

  2. C.

    Preliminary notes: So for context, I haven’t tried any of the other Possets Silvers (I have Pavane coming in the mail but haven’t smelled it yet), so I’m not familiar with the base at all. However, I decided years ago in my idealistic, sappy daydreams that I wanted carnation to be a main facet of my eventual wedding day scent. Solstice Scents’ Lace Draped Spectre was what I had in mind initially, but I gave my bottle away a long time ago. I figured Silver Carnations might be a good alternative, since LDS is almost always out of stock when I go to look for it (or I’m conveniently broke when it’s restocked).

    DH’s preliminary notes: Breakfast in a palace, but a second-tier palace.

    In bottle: Oh boy. Very green and spicy carnations, a green note that smells like dandelion sap, and gorgeous vanilla musk hiding beneath it. This is really pungent stuff, which is not what I was expecting. Not a dupe for LDS, since this is much stronger, but it’s definitely in the same vein.

    DH’s thoughts: Whoa, that is different. There’s definitely not a food note in there that I can detect. There’s something kind of natural about it though. Like a flower growing on the side of a tree, or maybe the tree itself. Pine? Is there tree in there at all? Fuck. Well, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead then.

    On skin: Oh.. okay. The carnation goes a bit musty, which is sad. It’s very deep though, and it does smell realistic. I guess I can kind of liken this to carnations in a graveyard, which fits my aesthetic just fine. This one has ridiculous lasting power and was still very strong after washing my arm off.

    Verdict: 4 very aggressive carnations out of 5. I do like this, but my fuck, is it ever strong. If aging mellows it out a bit, it’ll be a 5 out of 5 for sure.

  3. Michelle

    If you like carnations, this cannot be passed up. Yes, the carnation is strong (as the previous reviewer noted!) and my bottle is at least 8 years old, so I don’t think it fades much if kept properly. The silver base does soften it and the two notes are a great combination. I sometimes wear it together with the Silver Sandalwood for a classic oriental style perfume.

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