Water Witch



The name “Water Witch” has been associated with this blend since its initial development as an association between witches and Halloween.

This Witch has nothing to do with Halloween. She is a Spring Witch, full of the promise of the future blooms of flowers once she has had her way with the earth. And when she has her way, the waters of the Earth rise from the depths and fall from the heavens and no one is immune to her sway.


aquatic, salt, jasmine, mandarin, rosehip, an underlying hint of animalic essences


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2 reviews for Water Witch

  1. Forum

    From the Forum: “the best jasmine perfume I have ever smelled. I love the idea of jasmine, but most oils and perfumes go either indolic or cloying on my skin. In this blend, somehow all the other notes seem to help the jasmine retain all its beautiful qualities and remove or hide the less desirable ones. It is strong but not overpowering. It is also extremely long-lasting: I could still smell it on myself the morning after wearing it to bed. A 10 out of 10; a must-have for my perfume wardrobe! Highly recommend.”

  2. Forum

    From the Forum: “I’m wearing Water Witch today. It is VERY floral. I’m not getting any soapiness or powder though I would swear there was lily of the valley in it. Really good throw and wear length. Less aquatic than I would have expected. Spring freshness and fun. I expect I will be chased by bees if I go outside.”

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