The Mistress of Power Perfume Oil


An almost indescribable fragrance of great potency. An incense and musk scent. Black, grey, and golden musks at the base, a good part of aged patchouli (which has gone from a thin light yellow to a thick dark brown over the years in the curing cabinet) there is absolutely nothing coy about this blend. The backdrop of a nonfoody and more brandy-like chocolate liquor, a small amount of clove, all finished off with an ambergris-like musk for a shadow-like staying power.

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  1. Melissa

    Oh, this is good stuff. I received a sample vial of this with an order that I placed and it was love at first sniff. Another beautiful Oriental perfume oil. My skin chemistry loves pretty much every musk that I’ve tried from Possets and this blend contains quite a few. What really sets this one apart for me is that chocolate liquor note. This is so unique. If you like Howl then I’d recommend The Mistress of Power. Howl is sweeter and darker than The Mistress of Power but they both contain non-foodie chocolate-like notes that elevate them both to greatness.

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