Terra Incognita (The Earth Hidden) Perfume Oil


A blend which perfectly recreates twilight and the coming of night.  Five different types of black musk and pink and black pepper essential oils come together to make a serious and dark blend with tremendous staying power. Nothing foodie is in evidence here and there is a cast of silk which is put in the blend to give it an almost indefinable sophistication.

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3 reviews for Terra Incognita (The Earth Hidden) Perfume Oil

  1. Lisa R. (verified owner)

    Hello there!!! I stumbled across the possets perfume site upon searching for natural perfumes, I am trying to steer away from commercial perfumes and products.
    Let me tell you the customer service is amazing, and the delivery to Ontario Canada was fast!!! Thank you so much!! and I received four samples as well!!
    I am not a “note” person I have a hard time distinguishing what is what. But I do love perfume.!!
    This is gorgeous!! the musks and pepper in here blend so well together and it dries down to a powdery finish to my nose ( not baby powder like) hard to describe what it is that I am smelling that is so good maybe the silk??
    I blind bought four bottles, I know some I will like and some I might not, I will give the oils time to settle…. is that a thing?? lol!! I already have my wishlist started!!
    One good thing is you won’t smell like everyone else, because these are truly unique!!!
    Thank you Possets perfume for the amazing creations!!

  2. Claudia Warburton

    Truly unique! sweet, fruity, musky. Have received lots of compliments on this one. Lasts all day, a smell you just can’t get enough of. Almost syrup-like but not sickly.

  3. Joss Rose

    So far my favorite out of a sample pack that I purchased. It’s a lovely skin scent, and it’s just perfectly warm without being sweet or spicy. It feels like home, like being in your own backyard, I don’t know how to explain it.

    I like to layer it under Ecstasies of Light, by Alkemia. Ecstasies is sometimes too gourmandy for me, but Terra really grounds it without depleting the heavenly brightness that I love.

    I will say that if you like your perfume to have heavy throw, this isn’t for you. I love that about it, it’s the perfect soft comfort scent, but I could see some people being disappointed with that.

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