Sorrow Perfume Oil


Sorrow Perfume Oil is a classic chypre made in modern times. It is more like Bandit than any other blend, but not leathery. This is the perfect balance of bergamot and oakmoss and a top note of galbanum (which adds a stately and beautifully melancholy edge to Sorrow). Classic, well-bred, perfectly pitched for all occasions, and quietly sexy as it can be. Try Sorrow; it is the heart of a grand and serious perfume.


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  1. Wendy

    Beautifully bitter and floral with an almost chocolatey quality to it. Complex yet clear, like rutilated quartz. Sweet earth. The imitation oakmoss is very strong – a little astringent and catches in the back of my throat. Despite that, it’s comforting. Dries down to something that resembles the drydown of Mitsouko, dirty and animalic.

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