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The first unabashedly masculine Posset, and the first of The Constellations, Orion is probably the most recognizable star set out there. Possets rendition is woody in extremis but not obnoxiously loud. Very masculinely charming, outdoors in a very sophisticated way, a hard outside with a very warm heart. This one features Oude, rare and unexpected woods and smoked vanilla. Very sexy. If it were a person, it would be Oliver Mellors from Lady Chatterly's Lover. Characteristics: woody, sophisticated, masculine, spicy, home scent, long lasting.

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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: This was an upsize from a free sample. I was initially scared to open the sample vial, because oud can either be really good or really bad, but I finally ended up doing it.

    In bottle: VERY woody in the best way possible. I can’t actually smell the oud at all. Either that, or this particular oud just doesn’t smell like other ouds I’ve smelled. It’s a very dry, woody scent.

    On skin: I suppose you could call this masculine, but it reads as more unisex to me. The woods are dry and strong, and there’s a bit of a sweet, smoky, peppery tinge to them. The vanilla doesn’t read as outright vanilla to me and serves as a means to sweeten the blend up a bit so it’s not so austere. This is a perfect fall/winter scent, and I adore it. It smells like a haunted forest. It’s foreboding and mysterious.

    Verdict: 5 fog-laden, haunted forests out of 5.

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