Lady and a Baby Unicorn Perfume Oil


A wonderful combination. Using the right type and right amount and right dilution, vetiver (that sultry, earthy, wild, and dominant part) becomes positively docile, sweet, and innocent...almost fruity in the presence of three vanillas (dry, fat, and sweet). It's like the renewal of its virginity.


The story around this painting by Raphael is that the young lady was to be betrothed to a gentleman of a good family. Something happened (probably the political benefits of the union were less desirable after some circumstance). The young lady had lived in the groom's court and was sent home when the engagement was dissolved. Rumors swirled around her, some said that she gave her innocence to the would-be groom! This picture shows a very serious and unhappy looking nubile young woman with a baby unicorn snuggled in her arm. Since unicorns will only consort with pure human virgins, this is an allusion to the sitter being virgo intacto despite what ugly gossips might spread about.


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3 reviews for Lady and a Baby Unicorn Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    This is so delicious in the bottle (a green vanilla scent) but on my skin I amp the vetiver to the point of it taking over and cancelling the vanillas out. I’ve always had a rough time with vetiver amping on me. It seems I can only handle it in the smallest amount. Stupid skin chemistry! This is such a unique take on a vanilla perfume. I’d recommend that vanilla lovers try this oil.

  2. Eleanor from Reddit

    Yet another green vanilla banger. This is incredibly earthy, weirdly fruity, almost smoky in a way. I’m not really sure what to make of it. It’s almost like a scent that conjures a very old memory I can’t place. It’s like the parlor of an old house you would visit in a recurring dream, or the lingering scent of a person from your childhood whose face you can’t remember. I don’t detect either vetiver or vanilla — it all blends together into its own unique thing. While not cloying, it becomes very sweet on my skin, so it’s not my favorite of the bunch, but the most intriguing by far.

    Occasion: recalling a distant memory, a dream, a relic of a forgotten past.

  3. Lauren (verified owner)

    This is probably my favorite indie scent (and I’ve tried a lot). I just love it!! It’s so unique and gorgeous – and I love the accompanying picture, because I do feel very medieval wearing it. There’s a bubblegum type note in it, and luxurious green (the vetiver), and it’s just so hard to describe! In my original description for it I wrote “vintage bubblegum.” But honestly that wouldn’t necessarily attract me to this scent if that’s how it was described. It’s more of a rich, luxurious, unique, medieval, sexy, bohemian scent. Like the other person said – “earthy, weirdly fruity, smoky” – even though I wouldn’t use those descriptors it speaks to its complexity and how it combines different elements to create an amazing new smell! The only time I have smelt something similar is BPAL’s Voodoo – in the drydown it smells like Lady and the Baby Unicorn, but much lighter.

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