Death (The Pardoner’s Tale) Perfume Oil


The Pardoner's Tale tells of how three men end up killing each other over treasure in an ironic story. A Pardoner was a man who was an itinerant preacher who was allowed by The Church to sell indulgences so that the faithful could get to heaven more easily without a nasty detour through Purgatory.

Suave, sophisticated and as final as Death. As dark a vetiver as you could possibly smell mixes with smooth thyme and a good jolt of black amber. A faraway touch of incense and a tiny amount of pure smoke. A beautiful offering of the perfumers' art, would be at home on the Champs Elysees in Paris circa 1955.

Type: chypre

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1 review for Death (The Pardoner’s Tale) Perfume Oil

  1. Wendy

    Opens… stunning. Beautifully bitter greens layered over something smooth and creamy. Bold and dark and simply stunning. A deliciously balanced chypre, like many Possets – not tempered by gourmand undertones, and yet still not overwhelming. Smells the way apache tear obsidian looks.

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