Black Tea Perfume Oil


The most dark and the most tannic of teas. Somehow that puckery quality becomes addictive. Just right for a seductive night deep in July or August where humidity makes itself into a sexy accessory. Not subtle but very alluring. Pure and beautiful, incense floats over it all and the effect is so much like the vapor lines of a mirage. Tea-like but not sweet.

Type: tea, musky, dark.


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2 reviews for Black Tea Perfume Oil

  1. Wendy

    Fruity, candy-like lemon tea. Sweet with a touch of bitterness. A little on the fresh side, and a little quiet. Simple and generally appealing. Very fleeting.

  2. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    The description fits! But do I like it? …Kind of. No, don’t cheat and look ahead to my rating, I can explain myself. At first it’s less like fresh tea and more like you’re sticking your head into the leftover leaves you used to steep with lemon and honey, pungent and sharp. But then it dries and it is so good. Dark, dark, dark, and somehow really does convey the listed idea of heat and vapor. On me it’s less like hot tea on a hot night and more like the wafting scent of iced tea on a porch in summer. I imagine in upcoming months it’ll seem more sticky. I think it’s prettier from a distance than when I stick my nose in it.

    Expected impression: Ooo! ★★★★

    Actual: Ooo! ★★★★ “Somehow that puckery quality becomes addictive.” Yeah, it does.

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