Beatrice Perfume Oil


La gloriosa donna della mia mente.

The glorious lady of my mind.

Beatrice appears very slightly in The Inferno. She was a real woman (Beatrice Portinari) whom Dante met in his life and fell madly in love with. She died when she was only twenty-four. In the Inferno, she is his guide and inspiration through the gloom of Perdition. Her fragrance reflects the simple marvel of true beauty in heart and soul. The Silver base combines with five of the most beautiful musks* which Possets produces. This is soft but long-lasting, subtle but wraps itself around your mind. There is nothing stirring, jolting, or vulgar about Beatrice. It is a hypnotic sort of blend. *Skin musk, 2 white musks, "Crystalline" musk, and grey musk.


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3 reviews for Beatrice Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    For those of you familiar with Possets Silver base, I swear that I can smell it in this blend. This oil wears close to the skin but has good longevity. This is a very clean and comforting scent to me. I feel that this is “work appropriate” for sure. This musky blend has a creamy waxy note to it. The musks are totally non-offensive in this blend. Sometimes musk(s) can be very sharp and animalic on me but that’s not the case with this beauty. Another oil that can be worn year-round no problem.

  2. Lauren

    Wow! I’m a huge fan of The Moon and Madame X – Beatrice would be one of their sisters. Where The Moon is a neutral musk, and Madame X a waxy one with a hint of citrus, Beatrice is foody to my nose. Like a cupcake musk. But it’s not literally gourmand – it’s just so densely dank in its creaminess that it reads as yellow cake batter. I like this so much but in some ways it’s a little too sweet for me, but I’ll continue to enjoy my sample! If you love the musks Possets makes (like I do) and also are a gourmand-lover (which I’m not), this is for you!

  3. Laura Newton

    I agree with the other reviews on this one, especially the “cupcake musk”. It’s a beautiful scent, I’d love to smell it on someone else but it’s not quite my jam.

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