Silver Chypre Perfume Oil


Just the thing to remind you of dark and chilly days, beautiful melancholy and the excitement of a bit of unease. Silver Chypre takes the beauty and sweetness of the silver accord and blends it seamlessly with the bitter and totally grown up chypre made by Possets and the result is a perfectly balanced perfume which is gourmandy but that compliments the dry and fabulous green and leathery chypre. Astoundingly good stuff. The name "chypre" means the Island of Cyprus where the original formula was invented, and the blend was forever after named after the place of its origin.

*Oil is bottled in cobalt blue glass bottles, not the silver bottle pictured.

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2 reviews for Silver Chypre Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    This one is another love for me. It’s the perfect 50/50 mix of the sweetness of the Possets silver base and the most glorious green chypre. It goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Every single chypre that I’ve smelled from Possets I’ve loved. Sometimes they can go to baby powder on me but not this one. It’s a lovely green leather tinged chypre. I only get about 4 hours of wear because my skin eats up that silver base accord but I’m happy to reapply because it’s just that good!

  2. Wendy

    Soft and milky-sweet, floating on a cool and crisply balanced chypre. Stunning, alluring, with a melancholy warmth. I was expecting it to bore me after a while, because it smells like a drydown almost from the beginning, but it is complete in itself as well as most likely being an excellent layering scent. Reveals more nuance the more time I spend with it. One of my favourite possets.

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