Pavane (Faure) Perfume Oil



The Pavane was a dance performed by nobility long ago. It was usually marked with catty and witty remarks made by and around couples, that feel is caught nicely in the lyrics of this lovely melody. Great jealousy and lust were part of the dance which paraded couples past each other so that romantic wounds could be reopened and hearts rebroken. Here are the lyrics to Faure's Pavane:

It’s Lindor! It’s Tircis!
And all our conquerors!
It’s Myrtil! it’s Lydé! The queens of our hearts!
How provocative they are,
how forever proud!
How they dare reign over our destinies and our lives!
Watch out!
Keep to the measure!
O the mortal injury!
The cadence is not so slow!
And the fall more certain!
We’ll tone down their chatter!
Soon we’ll be their lackeys!
How ugly they are! Sweet faces!
How madcap they are! Coquettish airs!
And it’s always the same! And will be so always!
They adore one another!
They hate one another!
They curse their loves!
Farewell, Myrtil! Eglé! Chloe! Mocking demons!
Farewell and good days
to the tyrants of our hearts!

Silver Cardamom, the sweetest of the strains of cardamom (something nice enough to put in a pasha's coffee) and the exquisite Silver base for which Possets is famous. Add a tot of artemesia, and a pinch of coumarin and the result is a fabulously gourmand to tempt even those on a diet against the gourmand world. This is a passionate thing yet something you will wear with a smile.

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