Isabella Perfume Oil



So very ladylike but so very seductive. Notes of rose are combined with a light resin, white tea leaf and a rare honey/milky-musk. This one starts off as demure and gradually becomes more and more seductive as it warms on your skin. Finally the musk comes out, a "cream musk" as it becomes very brightly smoothly sweet as the mixture matures. A light dusting of familiar spices round out the mixture and make it the perfect portrait of Isabella and what she must have left behind after she lingered in a room. Enchanting and uplifting perfume.

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  1. Melanie

    This is such a lovely scent, probably my favorite rose perfume of all time. The rose is sweet, but not too sweet, and backed by a lovely comforting musk that is almost creamy or milky but not at all foody. It’s a great scent to wear during the day, but also comforting at night. It has great longevity, lasting all day.

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