Dies Irae (Verdi) Perfume Oil (rev. 1)


The Day of Wrath is when all the sinners are punished for their foul deeds. Intense and pitch black, very badass. Three black musks, one fog-like musk to disburse the whole, bitter galbanum, smooth hawthorne, the scent of rotting leaves, a small amount of orris, and smoky oude, finally frankincense and black amber. Has all the excitement of The End. Very black and eternal. Always wildly popular.


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2 reviews for Dies Irae (Verdi) Perfume Oil (rev. 1)

  1. Wendy

    Sharply spicy, almost burning. Coarse, bold, heavy, almost menacing in a way. Darkness aflame. Complex woods and bitter black leaves. Mellows out over about an hour into something like a surprisingly comforting smooth, deep brown velvet, and then into an old wooden armchair with the polish worn away to expose the natural grain of its material.

  2. Katherine Herring

    I am usually not a fan of oud, but I was curious and took a chance. This blew my expectations out of the water. Just wow. This feels like sudden doom followed by an odd sense of comfort knowing your fate is sealed. The oud and frankincense jumps out of the bottle and fades into this mysterious smoke that makes you want more. Woody, smoky, musky, very much feels like having a crush on an older man.

    • Tom Murphy

      Thanks so much for your reviews! We really appreciate them and are happy that you enjoyed your order!

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