Dance With Me Perfume Oil


Refreshing and refined at once. A perennial favorite. A superb coumarin-laced subtle lavender combines with fizzy pink grapefruit, and it all rests on a bed of white musk. Enchantingly innocent but with loads of guile.


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5 reviews for Dance With Me Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    I love this! On my skin, this is a grapefruit forward vanilla musk. The longer I wear this, the more I amp the grapefruit but I’m not mad about it. Superior longevity and it’s also wonderful in a diffuser. It’s especially good at getting rid of smells from cooking in the kitchen.

  2. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    This is the damn happiest glass of orange juice I’ve ever had in my entire life. I get nothing but the grapefruit explicitly, but it’s a gorgeous one and I’m sure it’s the other notes to thank for that. This is very simple and I get no difference over the course of drying, but what it is is sunshine in a bottle. I know that Possets’ lavender is a winner, too, so maybe that’s something I should seek out in the future.

    Expected impression: Ooo! ★★★★

    Actual: YES!!! ★★★★★ If you like citrus or want a scent that actually smells like orange juice, you need to try this. I implore you.

  3. indianspicesblacktea

    This scent is addictive and mouth watering. The first time i tested it, my eyes rolled back and i felt something i rarely ever feel with other perfumes. Has not been off my mind since.

  4. Steph Stapleton (verified owner)

    The best! I’m not even a lavender person, I got this as a free sample. I just ordered a larger size! Like another review says, this reads to me as citrus/clementine forward, but there’s a warm sweetness to it. I described it to a friend as “creamsicle on a summer day” and she agreed. A perfect spring and summer scent IMO!

  5. Christine Johnson

    I received a sample of this scent with a recent order and was immediately captivated. I adore citrus scents and loathe lavender; thankfully, the lavender was nowhere to be found. The fragrance seemed to consist almost entirely of the high note of grapefruit, but what a welcome note it is! The grapefruit bursts forth with refreshing and invigorating energy, infusing the air with a tangy and delightful aroma. It evokes images of sun-drenched citrus orchards and conjures a sense of pure joy, akin to sipping on a chilled grapefruit spritzer on a hot summer afternoon. The vibrant and zesty character of the grapefruit is simply enchanting.

    However, like a fleeting summer breeze, this fragrance dissipates all too quickly. Dance With Me becomes completely imperceptible on my skin after 10 minutes. If only our perfumers could find a way to prolong its existence, it would undoubtedly earn its place among the greats.

    In summary, the fragrance itself is deserving of 5 stars, while the longevity sadly receives only half a star.

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