Angelic Host (9th)-Seraphim Perfume Oil


Simple and beautiful, elemental and hypnotic. These are sweet but at the same time blended together they become a third type of wonderful harmonious blend which is at once grand and then again something to fall instantly in love with. The six winged Seraphim are the highest order of angel, in some ways austere and then again they anticipate desires. Five vanillas (most of them fat and buttery vanillas cut with lean and sharp vanillas) and are blended with six different ambers which give the hypnotic part to the whole.

Type: foody, sweet, vanilla


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4 reviews for Angelic Host (9th)-Seraphim Perfume Oil

  1. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    This was a GODDAMN strong start. Holy SHIT! It’s exactly the description tbh, and seems to be a quintessential Posset. Vanilla vanilla…waxy amber. Reminds me of the color cream and- of course- a winged figure with peaceful, closed eyes and a glowing halo. There’s a very slight acidity to it which is honestly what brings it right around to a 5/5. This one is hard to describe, so I’ll just recommend it for anyone else to give a shot if they’re curious.

    Expected impression: Ooo! ★★★★

    Actual: YES!!! ★★★★★ I wear this at least once a week, which means a lot considering how many samples I collect. This is a very safe pick for me, always makes me happy.

  2. Lauren

    Like the other reviewer mentioned – there is a slight acidity to this! To me it’s like white grape juice! Or white wine – mixed with ancient ambers and vanillas – without being straight ‘amber oil’ from a headshop or vanilla in a gourmand way. It’s like smelling the wrist of a woman wearing an expensive amber perfume while she’s holding a glass of white wine. Amber is definitely more noticeable to me than vanilla, but it’s not like a dark gooey resiny amber, just a whisper of amber.

  3. Imabong

    Custardy amber. Unique! LOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shabnam (verified owner)

    out of the bottle its the most serene, dark, raw vanilla.
    on skin its more spicy, over time it morphs into an amber scent.
    typical of this, it has an old quality. but its perfect for can add depth to almost any scent. especially spicy gourmands… 🤤

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