Srijana Perfume Oil


Possets has teamed up with the non-profit To The Ends Of The Earth which is dedicated to helping emancipate and reintegrate women and girls who have been sex trafficked in Nepal. 30% of sales for each of these blends will go directly to support TTEOTE's work. We hope you will help in this important cause with a purchase of one or more of these blends!

Srijana means Creativity in Nepali.

Srijana Perfume Oil is an uplifting composition of Pink Grapefruit, Cardamom, and Sandalwood.


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3 reviews for Srijana Perfume Oil

  1. Sara (verified owner)

    I loved this. All three major notes stand out just from the bottle – cardamom comes through first and sandalwood is the most restrained. The cardamom is beautifully tempered by the citrus. On the skin, the sandalwood gradually comes forward and the other notes recede, but the sandalwood doesn’t drown out the others completely and it’s not a blaring scent overall.

    To be balanced, I adore cardamom and grapefruit so this was always going to be an easy sell for me. So if you’re wary of either of those two notes, this won’t be a useful review for you. But sometimes what you hope for out of a description doesn’t match up to how it eventuates, and I was very happy with how strongly and harmoniously grapefruit and cardamom came through. Also, I don’t typically get along with Possets’ core foodie blends so was a bit worried about this turning biscuity (which I don’t like). It didn’t. If you love something that smells comfortingly like baking, this might not work for you. But then again, the cardamom *is* there.

  2. Melissa

    I never would’ve thought that grapefruit and cardamom would go together but they do in Srijana. This doesn’t have the longevity of Dance With Me but Srijana still does pretty good for a citrus note on my scent eating skin. The grapefruit note in this is so good. It’s not too bitter, doesn’t go into cleaner territory (the way so many citrus scents do on my skin) and it’s not too sweet. I feel like Goldilocks but with grapefruit! Srijana wears as a grapefruit forward sandalwood with hints of cardamom on me. Possets used a light hand with the cardamom but it’s definitely there. I doubt I’d be able to pick out the cardamom if I didn’t already know it was in the notes. I get about 4 to 5 hours max out of Srijana before it fades away. This definitely makes it into my top 3 grapefruit scents for sure. I wish that the sandalwood and cardamom were more prevalent but that’s just how my skin chemistry rolls. Can’t say enough good things about that grapefruit note. It’s the dead of winter where I live and the wind chill has the temperature down into the negative digits. I find Srijana to be very energizing and uplifting in this dismal weather. It’s good to put a little pep in my step.

  3. Laura Newton (verified owner)

    Srijana is my favorite Possets perfume. It’s balanced and perfect in every way. I thought I would enjoy it, but from the first moment of application I was in love. It’s both uplifting and soothing at the same time. I sprang for a 30ml bottle and have no regrets. Great for a summer scent, but really can be worn any time. Too me, it’s a more sophisticated version of “Dance With Me” which is also a lovely scent.

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