Rimi Perfume Oil


Possets has teamed up with the non-profit To The Ends Of The Earth which is dedicated to helping emancipate and reintegrate women and girls who have been sex trafficked in Nepal. 30% of sales for each of these blends will go directly to support TTEOTE's work. We hope you will help in this important cause with a purchase of one or more of these blends!

Rimi means Beautiful Woman in Nepali.

Rimi Perfume Oil is a seductive composition of Sage, Black Pepper, and a complex Nepali Musk accord.


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2 reviews for Rimi Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    I received a sample vial of Rimi in my last Possets order. After letting the vial rest for a spell I decided to give it a try. It’s love at first sniff! I’m not sure if I would’ve discovered this gem on my own as I’m leery about sage. Sage has a tendency to amp on my skin and take over but the musk keeps it in check. That Nepali musk accord is the star of the show. After I first apply this, the musk smells like it wants to go into powdery chypre territory…but not quite. The Nepali musk accord is so unique. I have a lot of musk perfumes (they make up a good 60% of my collection) and nothing smells like the musk in Rimi. It reminds me of an aftershave/cologne my Dad wore back in the late 80’s or early 90’s although I can’t remember the name. During the dry down I get whiffs of an underlying minty essence and I swear I smell lavender (more herbal than floral). I would call this a musk forward herbal scent. I find it both calming and grounding. Rimi gets better and better as it wears on my skin. Again, the Nepali musk accord in this is just stellar. My skin likes to gobble up scents but Rimi has been holding it’s own for a good 6 hours now. Musky, herbal, powdery. I need a bottle of this in my life. I would call this a unisex scent for sure. Rimi would smell amazing on both men and women alike. If you’re a fan of musks then you’ll probably enjoy Rimi.

  2. Wendy (verified owner)

    Smooth, spicy, slightly sweet. Like a piece of brown-tinted glass, or like syrup before it cools into candy, with a fuzzy warm sillage. For something mostly composed of herbs and spices, it smells surprisingly simple, but still distinctly oriental – a very coherent blend, fitting together like a group of old friends who have known each other for years. Cozy, comfortable, and easily wearable.

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