Heka (Magic) Perfume Oil (Rev. 1)


Though the Egyptians didn't have pumpkins as we know them, they probably had gourds, the other members of the pumpkins' family. This perfume starts out with a gourd accord(!) and slides into a fine brew of lavender, oakmoss, and thyme which are twined around a resinous ambery heart. Magical and unexpected. A surprising pairing of different fragrances to make a very solid and beautiful new one.


*This blend contains cinnamon which may cause irritation for some people. It is recommended to test by applying a small amount to see if any reaction occurs.

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1 review for Heka (Magic) Perfume Oil (Rev. 1)

  1. Melissa

    I couldn’t wait to try this unusual blend and it did not disappoint. The amber heart of this one jives so well with me! I’m not sure what gourds are supposed to smell like but I see they’re related to pumpkins (which strangely really don’t have much of a smell in real life). This is another one where the sum is so much greater than it’s parts. For a time, it almost smells as if there’s some cinnamon in the blend but it’s not. It’s a deeply comforting scent but I have a hard time trying to put it into words. This is a very calming scent to me and I could totally wear this as a sleep scent. I’ve never smelled anything like this before.

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