Alabama-Creamy Sweet Flower Bower Perfume Oil


Floral perfume lovers rejoice! This one is the essence of a hot sticky Southern night at the height of passion with the one you love. What a treat! Alabama weaves pink fizzy mimosa, thick white magnolia, canebrake jasmine, Mexican tuberose, and Martinique gardenia. The effect is eternally woman, unabashedly sexy, and in command. These are all knit together with precious Sacred Frankincense to concoct a bombshell of a fragrance, deep white floral with deep incense leanings. A hypnotic fragrance. So very sweet, so very profound. Feminine, floral, devastating.


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3 reviews for Alabama-Creamy Sweet Flower Bower Perfume Oil

  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: I love white florals, magnolia in particular, which is why this one caught my eye. Despite never having been to the South, I love Southern-inspired scents.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Vacation in Cancun.

    In bottle: Ahhh, yes. Dreamy, fresh white florals that punch you in the face a little bit, with a creamy and sultry backdrop. Love this. Despite the florals being white, it smells purple (tuberose always does this to me, so I’m blaming that), which is my jam.

    DH’s thoughts: Weird question. Is there ivory in this? I hate going back to this, but is there a floral note in here? There’s a little bit of something.. not spicy on top of it, but something that can kind of compensate near the end. Like a lemon? (Props to DH for picking out the lemony nuance in frankincense, because I can’t smell it at all in here)

    On skin: Virtually the same as in the bottle, but the frankincense is slightly detectable now. The florals are very fresh and lifelike. I’m in love.

    Verdict: 5 white floral bouquets to the face out of 5. This is a stunning white floral scent, and I could not be happier with it.

  2. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    As soon as I open this, I can smell nothing else. Huge blast of white floral, nothing I can identify explicitly. No sense of incense on my skin, which is unfortunate as I feel that could balance it out. A good lesson on what people mean when they say they’re wary of white florals. I get it now.

    Expected impression: Ooo! ★★★★

    Actual: Nice ★★★ Even when layered with a deeper scent, it’s just way too strong.

  3. emmaclaire008 (verified owner)

    I bought this scent because I absolutely love white florals, and I thought the rest was a big plus! In the bottle, it’s all white floral. On my skin, it goes through three phases: first, absolutely, overwhelmingly white floral with a huge throw. Seriously, everyone around me comments on how good I smell when I wear this. On drydown, the floral almost disappears under the frankincense. After a few hours, the floral returns – this scent lasts all day and more on my skin.

    This is going to be a lifelong purchase for me, I can tell!

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