The Persian Melon-Early Summer Perfume Oil


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So cool and so refreshing and instead of smelling like a salad, The Persian Melon ends up smelling…cute. It took some doing but I managed to tease cucumber into becoming a fruit of the Earth sort of a smell, and the melon is the kind of melon my dad used to grow on the farm, it’s a cross between the All American cantaloup and the ancient and breathtakingly beautiful Persian variety which my mother would smuggle back in her luggage from trips to Turkey. No kidding, those things were like eating a perfumed sweet. Well, it’s in a bottle now for you to enjoy, too. Of course, there are other Possety things in there as well to keep it from becoming dull. A beautiful lilting clean scent perfect for summer.The icon is Renior’s Odalisque.  Characteristics: fruity, bold, melon, summery, cooling.


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