Ship of Fools (Bosch) Perfume Oil


So much is going on in this detail of Bosch's painting. The strumming lute player is oblivious to the activity around him. There is a fight between a man and a woman on the prow of the vessel, and she looks like she is going to bash him with a wine ewer. A cooked chicken is lashed to the mast, and a jester is drinking wine. Obviously, this is a ship without much organization and will come to no good. Debauchery pure and simple in the gentle season on the water.

To show this in perfume, we started off with the tang of the sea and add a bit of refined leather to get things started, a roll of key lime zest, and a goodly portion of faux ambergris. This is a very nice aquatic with an edge of leather and fruit which somehow combine to make a jolly, boisterous blend that is perfect for summer!


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