Seamus Heaney-In Gallarus Oratory Perfume Oil


"'s like going into a turfstack, a core of old dark
walled up with stone."
Seamus Heaney, In Gallarus Oratory


"I have visited Gallarus Oratory and the scent of stone inside is amazing, as it is to think of turf fires mingling with the sea in all this. I set about to recreate this wonderful poem which I first heard inside the Oratory, and to do it in perfume. To conjure up the day when I strolled down a path of buzzing blooming fuchsias alive with bee traffic, to read the tiny praying house. Gallarus Oratory is what it is like to be there. A cold yet cozy perfume with a waft of a turf fire in the distance, the sea lapping at the shore below, and the fragrance of stone. Remarkable in its chill, but also somehow familiar. Sophisticated, dry, unisex." Fabienne


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