Portrait of Jane Small (Holbein) Perfume Oil


Jane Small was a very good-looking woman, especially when people suffered from various illnesses, malformations, and the like. She would have been considered a beauty even today. She was the trophy wife of a very rich man, and Hans Holbein commemorated her beauty in this charming miniature, the likes of which he did of Henry VIII's queens.

This deep summer peach scent opens with the awakening properties of the peach pit (it tastes like bitter almond and smells that way because it is full of cyanide, so don't eat one). Then the succulent, sweet summery smell of peach comes blooming out of the blend. There are actually three sorts of peach scents in here and a couple of secret-pushing fragrances which will bring the whole into a divine peach feel and a skin musk. Foody and fruity and luscious.

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  1. Melissa

    This is a great straight up peach scent. Decent longevity and strength. It’s not a candied syrupy sweet peach (don’t get me wrong, that note has it’s place *I’m looking at you Jin and Jurogamo!*). On my skin it’s just an unapologetic peach smell with a bit of musk in the background. This oil would be wonderful to add a peach note to your other perfume oils and the possibilities are limitless

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