Omar Khayyam-The Rubaiyat Perfume Oil


"A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou..."
--Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat


The rich resins of the Levant mingle here in sweet desire. Khayyam was a man who was all about peace, brotherhood, the beauty of words, and (if his words are any indication) a celebrator of the senses. High-keyed resins represent modern Mid-Eastern tastes in perfumery. Khayyam ushered in a modern era, and it is fitting that this perfume reflects that. Bakhoor smoke and gentle carnation mix with white oude and a very black musk. A drop of majmua. A passionate and very complex blend. Perfect for clubbing in Dubai. Sexy, resiny.


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1 review for Omar Khayyam-The Rubaiyat Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    Resinous perfume oil at its best. This one is nice and strong on my scent eating skin. A great example of what Possets does best, the sum is so much more than its parts. It’s blended so well that it’s hard to pick out the individual notes. I think that speaks to the mastery of the creator of this perfume oil. I could wear this all year long! I absolutely fell in love with my sample vial and will be grabbing a 6mL bottle.

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