Olympia (Manet) Perfume Oil


Never was the nude more bold and real than Edouard Manet's Olympia. A prostitute who dares to question whether her would-be beau is worthy of her attention. This is a very boudoir fragrance and reminds you of the very scent of the great Olympia herself.

A very womanly scent, a human in heat, but there is a very small amount of reserve carefully set aside.

Three white musks, hawthorne, a sweet-cold musk, and a hint of civet. This is an exceptionally harmonious blend, perfumy and sweetish without being sugary. Innocent with an edge, like a sly little thing.


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1 review for Olympia (Manet) Perfume Oil

  1. Melissa

    This is so good! I was amazed to read that this blend contains civet. I’ve had a rough time with civet scents in the past and now I associate that particular note to cat pee. It’s crazy but this blend smells musky and clean despite the civet. The musk(s) in this blend are not skanky in any way. I think this is a great “work appropriate” perfume oil. This lasts around 5 to 6 hours on me and the smell is unchanging where some oils go through phases as they wear. I usually dislike trying to categorize perfumes because I feel like you should wear what you want when you want, and I pretty much do. This is a scent that I feel any age can wear at any time of the year. Certain scents do better in certain temperatures, like smoke and resin seem to really shine in the cold, at least to me. But Olympia is definitely a scent that can be worn whenever. If you like this, I recommend The Magnificent Red Rose. I feel they have a similar base.

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