Nefertiti Perfume Oil


Pretty playful Nefertiti, beautiful head perched on a neck almost too long and slender to hold up the gigantic crown atop it all. She was the magnificent wife of the homely Ankonaton, and the mother of his beloved daughters. However, she abruptly vanishes from history, most unusual for a queen of her charms. One writer hypothesized that she was encountered having an affair with a handsome man in the palace and her enraged husband had her nose cut off and flung her in the street to beg. Other tales have her eloping with her lover to the land of Punt. Cool green tea and pearly pink berries, a touch of lemon zest and a big swath of grey musk. This is a beautiful scent, something a bit more playful than some of the scents with resins. Cool yet sexy and charming. Perfumy, somewhat gourmandy, musk.

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