Lotus of the Nile Perfume Oil


Flowers in water, sacred to the goddess Isis. The lotus is the prime fragrance in the bouquet, but it is followed by bits of roseate beauty, a sort of dark incense that has been winnowed through the air, and a faint aquatic background scent. This is a wonderful floral that has more depth and character than most flower-based scents. A fitting tribute to the beautiful eternal mother and reminder of her sexual allure and strength.

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  1. Melissa

    I really like this and I’m usually not a fan of aquatics but Possets has changed my mind. On my skin this is the lightest aquatic with a dominant lotus note. It can go a bit powdery on my skin but smells amazing in the diffuser. On a side note, another good aquatic from this brand is Tidal Wave…it’s an aquatic with cherry blossom and some kind of wood note if memory serves.

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