Juana The Mad Queen (100% Natural) Perfume Oil


A magnificent 100% natural, with a marvelous (non stinky) jasmine grandiflora, a charming Turkish rose, and Bourbon Vanilla kissed with a puff of Bergamot. The perfume commemorates a beautiful woman who was hard done by. Born of the most prestigious house in Europe, Juana was a daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Castile and Aragon the uniters of Spain. She was married to Phillip the Fair (Duke of Burgundy and the Low Countries) who was an exceptionally handsome man but who was exceptionally rapacious. He hectored Juana to give up her power which came from her parents to him. He was forever unfaithful. It was a tempestuous marriage which ended with the two estranged from each other while she was pregnant with their sixth child. Phillip tried to intimate that she was insane and she did exhibit signs of mental instability. He died suddenly of typhoid fever. She bizarrely refused to give up his corpse for a very long time, even traveling with it.  Eventually she was confined to a convent and died at a ripe old age. A beautiful woman and a tragic life.

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