Hay Wain (Constable) Perfume Oil


The Hay Wain is known as one of the most perfect images in all of English painting. The composition, the lyrical realism, and the subject all team up to show us all that this was painted by a master. Of course, his sky is perfect, and he even pulled off putting quite a few evenly-spaced holes between the clouds in one version.

To have such a great painting in mind deserves a great perfume. This is lush and plush, very, very classy, strong, and full of character. Grapefruit meets lily of the valley, skin musk, white wood vanilla (not at all cupcake vanilla), and crystal musk. The result is exquisite. What does it have to do with a hay wain? Nothing. It's all about the art of perfume. This one is a glorious thing that is dignified, sophisticated, and amazingly sexy all at once.

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