Bikini Girls of Sicily (Ancient mosaic) Perfume Oil


On the floors of a fabulous villa in Sicily are mosaics that had to have belonged to a tremendously powerful man. The most famous of them are several women in bikinis who are pursuing gymnastics of various sorts. They use dumbbells, run, play ball, and throw the discus. In the end, one crowns herself the champion. They are beautiful and smell of the thick myrtle blossom honey, a tot of almond bitterness (like cyanide), and the summer jasmine, which is so enchanting around the Mediterranean.  On top of that, add a deep portion of coumarin from the ripening summer grasses, a drop of blood-red pomegranate, and the merest breath of saffron. Fetching, with the floral element carefully woven through the blend, the overall effect is foody yet ineluctably musky. Very Sicilian. The essence of summer on the island so you can almost hear the cicadas grinding.

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1 review for Bikini Girls of Sicily (Ancient mosaic) Perfume Oil

  1. Winry Bartosz (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful earthy scent on my skin, and the jasmine absolutely shines through! I enjoy the musk that comes out the longer it wears, and by the end of the day it gives the softest hints of sweetness. I find this scent very refined and empowering to wear, having received multiple compliments from those around me!

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