Despite all of the gimmicks, pep talks, expensive programs, self flagellation and stuff sometimes it just doesn’t work. You take off some weight but not enough then…again comes the holidays. Alas! Your weight ratchets up and your only consolation is that everyone else is in the same boat.

Your mental attitude is the one thing which will allow you to lose weight, and to rethink the amount of food you eat every day. We just eat too much in America, and that goes for other places, too. Learning to be satisfied with less food per meal, and then not eating between meals is crucial as well.

When I was 30 lbs heavier I was hungry all of the time, practically. I had to take myself in hand and ask myself if I was really hungry or if I was just using food as entertainment/comfort/whatever. I also had to psych myself into believing that I was not hungry. It can be done and you will get good at it if you practice. If I distracted myself as well, then I would be even more successful at it. Sometimes at work I would think I was hungry but then I would think that I needed to ship 10 more packages before I got to the end of my current backlog. I  would go and ship product and forget that I was hungry! It worked. If I was really hungry then it would not have so I think that shows me what was real and what was habit.

Even after I had lost the weight I wanted to lose, I would use a distraction to stop me from sliding back into the old habit of eating too much. I also use the technique of thinking that I am not hungry and won’t be until dinner time. That works very well. Give it a try. I think your mind is your most formidable weapon!

Fabienne lost 30 lbs 1 1/2 years ago and kept it off. She is going to write a series of essays about how she did it and how she maintains it on this blog, brought to you by Possets Perfume (Bottled Happiness) where the fabulous Yule perfumes are still available for sale at fabulous prices! See for yourself!

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