I am sorry to have to tell you this but your taste is the opposite of what natural perfume can offer you! You want:

  • STRONG  perfumes which last for hours. Naturals have very few base notes which truly stick around and that is why so many natural perfumes smell alike…there are just so many ingredients we can choose from.
  • A NEVER ENDING VARIETY OF PERFUMES. You, my dear public, want: peach today, pink musk tomorrow, lily on Tuesday, a strange and sexy accord on Tuesday night, and so forth. The average perfume wearer now has a perfume wardrobe which would only be owned by the very rich just a generation ago! Since naturals have a limited number of ingredients, making a huge number of varied perfumes is pretty unrealistic.
  • THINGS WHICH REALLY CANNOT BE MADE BY NATURE, ONLY BY THE LAB-Musk, musk, musk…you crave musk in all its forms. Musk is artificial. Lily of the valley in buckets (it’s not available from the plant, only from the artificial lab). A pretty pink concoction (which you won’t find in nature). Fruit, you have to have it (but real fruit wont fit in a bottle). If you want peach, you are going to have to settle for artificial peach, you are not really going to find it among the tiny “Natural Nelly’s Peach Paradise” bottles sold in the organic big box.
  • ETERNAL FRESHNESS is not a feature of most natural perfume. Some of the oils therein are famously fugitive, like citrus oils and the flower oils can go rancid, too. There are some components which are really eternal, though, like patchouli and vetiver but natural perfume should be used within a year as a general rule, artificial perfumes also can go “off” but they normally have a better shelf life.
  • REASONABLE PRICING is not a feature of natural perfuming. Real naturals are much more expensive than artificial perfume so don’t expect to run across any bargains here because they don’t exist.

My current 100% Natural perfume in my Halloween Collection is Grim Reaper, a stunner with pink peppercorn and hay absolute. It has a charming olive oil quality to it which preserving a spicy kick. I would say it ‘s the equal to any “conventional” blend, take a look and also take a look at my 100% Natural section at Possets. htttp:www.possets.com–Fondly, Fabienne from Possets Perfume


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