Time Marches OnI have recently gone through a spate of ingredients being taken off the market and have had to either reformulate or discontinue some of my perfumes. This is very hard on me and very hard on my clients. I am seldom if ever told it’s going to happen before it does, and I have to find out by ordering and then being told it’s discontinued.

That is awful, but it’s almost as bad if I am told it’s reformulated. Yes, I have bought a small amount of the reformulation. It is usually swill and I have to discontinue my line. I have found one or two reformulations to be fine but the batting average is 90% against.

So, I realized yesterday that one reason I am finding so many items discontinued is because the EU is banning them. So, the supply which is made by European houses has dwindled to the point that it’s gone. So I have to discontinue something lovely like The Scent of Angels. The upshot of that is that there is one less lovely thing in this world. And that is wrong.

Le bas avec les Puritains!

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